Naga Vara Pradeep, Yendluri

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Project is implemented using Python, Tkinter and TkinterMapView and several other open source projects. Thank you for creating software and making it open source. So here's our open sourced Drone Delivery Systems project.

Drone Delivery Systems git

Install project requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt

Virtual Environment

Install virtualenv - pip install virtualenv
Create environment - virtualenv venv
Windows: venv\Scripts\activate
Linux: source venv/bin/activate
Install requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt
Run file using python


  1. Right click on map to select different options available
  2. Left click to add charging points
  3. Click on Calculate Path to identify route and give starting warehouse location in popup window.
  4. Clear locations will clear all the added locations
  5. Change tile server for different map views
  6. Search for address in the top search bar


drone delivery system run